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Ending a trillion-dollar spending spree (5-2-23)

Listening to Sixth District Farmers (5-4-23)

The worst border crisis in American history (5-9-23)

CLOSING SOON: Register for our 2023 Young Women's Leadership Program (5-10-23)

The debt ceiling's stakes for Minnesota families (5-12-23)

A Sixth District Update from Congressman Tom Emmer (5-30-23)

A massive win for Minnesota Farmers (6-1-23)

U.S. Supreme Court delivers huge win in Minnesota case (6-5-23)

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Restoring Fairness for Middle-Class Americans (6-27-23)

An Independence Day Message (7-4-23)

Visits across the Sixth District (7-13-23)

Working for Sixth District Veterans (7-14-23)

Strengthening Our Military (7-21-23)

A Financial Services Update from Congressman Emmer (7-21-23)

Minnesota Republicans Demand Accountability in Feeding our Future Scandal (7-25-23)

An update on our time at Farmfest (8-3-23)

A Sixth District Update from Congressman Tom Emmer (8-4-23)

Can you believe this!? (8-11-23)

A successful town hall in Big Lake (8-14-23)

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Another successful town hall in Carver County (8-18-23)

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The Minnesota Air National Guard is entering a new era (9-20-23)

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The United States stands with Israel (10-11-23)

Remaining steadfast in our support for Israel (10-27-23)

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2023 Year in Review (12-20-23)