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Wrapping Up 2016 (12-16-2016)

The Time is Now (12-9-2016)

A Reform that will Save American Lives (12-2-16)

We Must Keep Tools of Terror Out of the Hands of Iran (11-18-16)

I Am Here For You (11-11-16)

The Importance of Adoption (11-4-16)

The Biggest Economic Threat (10-28-16)

Thanks For Helping Support Our Vets! (10-20-2016)

Just Tagging Along (10-14-2016)

Celebrating Manufacturing Day (10-7-2016)

Defending Our Homeland (9-23-2016)

A Voice for our Veterans (9-16-2016)

We Must Help the Businesses of Tomorrow (9-9-2016)

Promoting Responsible Energy (9-2-2016)

Striving for a Healthy Community (8-26-2016)

Another Productive Week (8-19-2016)

Highway 10 - much more than just the way to the lake (8-12-2016)

Signed Into Law (8-5-2016)

We Must Protect the Financial Future of Minnesotans (7-8-2016)

Together At Last (7-1-2016)

The Future of Minnesota's Agriculture Industry is Looking Bright (6-24-2016)

Providing for the Common Defense (6-7-2016)

We Must Stand Strong in Our Support for Israel (6-10- 2016)

Remembering Our Fallen Soldiers (5-27-2016)

Thankful fpr the men and women (5-20-2016)

Pictures woth a thousand words (5-6-2016)

A Right to Bear Arms (4-22-2016)

A Major Milestone (4-15-2016)

A Vote to Create More Transparency (4-8-2016)

Launched the Young Women Leadership Program (4-1-2016)

Improving Veteran Care (3-25-2016)

A Historic Trip (3-18-2016)

SHAREing Minnesota's Land (3-11-2016)

Celebrating Women's History Month (3-4-2016)

Talking About Solutions (2-26-2016)

Returning to Cuba (2-19-2016)

It's time to CREATE Jobs (2-12-2016)

We Must Not Underestimate Iran (2-5-2016)

Supporting National School Choice Week (1-29-2016)

Recognizing A Hero (1-22-2016)

Working for the Generation of Tomorrow (1-15-2016)

MN-06 Update (1-8-2016)