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Washington, D.C. - Yesterday, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) supported an amendment offered by Representative John Rose (TN-06) to help and sustain the motorcoach industry in the House Financial Services Committee. You can read Rep. Rose’s Amendment, here.

Prior to COVID-19, the motorcoach industry supported more than 600 million passenger trips each year. During the outbreak, the industry saw 3,000 companies completely shut down, 36,000 vehicles parked, and most of their 88,000 employees laid off. In Minnesota, the industry employed nearly 2,500 people and experienced an unemployment rate of more than 70% throughout 2020.

Congressman Emmer issued the following statement in support: 

“I am proud to, once again, support Congressman Rose’s efforts to support our motorcoach industry, which has been drastically hit by the reduction in travel due to COVID.

The motorcoach industry is a vital piece of our transportation landscape. But, due to government-mandated shutdowns, travel restrictions, and limitations on tourism, music, and commuting, the motorcoach industry has suffered tremendously.

In normal times, the motorcoach industry provides nearly 600 million passenger trips a year. Clearly, our country, Americans, we all rely on these modes of transportation. But, in the wake of the pandemic, nearly all 3,000 companies in the industry at some point had to completely shut down – 36,000 vehicles parked, over 88,000 employees laid off.

The Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services program was massively underfunded. Originally, it was supposed to receive $8 billion. It ended up barely receiving $2 billion. As a result, the program oversubscribed and was only able to meet 23% of the need. With the delta variant and reinstated mandates and limits threatening the future of the motorcoach industry, we must prioritize this industry.

I am proud to support Mr. Rose’s amendment, which will reallocate $6 billion toward addressing the funding shortage of the Coronavirus Economic Relief for Transportation Services program.”

Additionally, earlier this year, Congressman Emmer also voiced his support for the industry during a mark-up of the American Rescue Plan. You can watch Congressman Emmer's previous remarks here.