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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) released the following statement in regards to recent disparaging comments from leaders of Save the Boundary Waters against miners and union workers in Northern Minnesota:

“This nation was built on the backs of the American worker, and Minnesota was built on the backs of Minnesota miners. For some Minnesota families, mining is in their blood going back to the beginning of Minnesota’s statehood. These men and women are responsible for keeping our towns, our state, and our country alive. They are the ones we have to thank for providing the precious metals needed for our cell phones, computers, vehicles and wind turbines.

“Apparently, Save the Boundary Waters’ leaders think rather differently telling the New York Times, ‘They want somebody to just give them a job so they can all drink beer with their buddies and go four-wheeling and snowmobiling with their buddies, not have to think about anything except punching a clock.’

“All Americans, and all Minnesotans, have the right to say or believe what they will, but that is not the Minnesota Nice we are known for, and I am embarrassed to hear fellow Minnesotans speak so disparagingly about our neighbors. The next time Save the Boundary Waters leaders voice their opposition, I hope they take a minute to realize all they have thanks to the mining industry and the incredible workers who provided it to them.

“I urge my fellow Minnesota colleagues to join me in condemning these unnecessary mean-spirted attacks on our hardworking citizens.”