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Washington, D.C. – This week, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) and Congressman Peter DeFazio (OR-04) introduced the Advancing and Promoting Programming (APP) Act.

The APP Act creates a centralized website that aims to assist individuals and small businesses access to federal funding in the form of grants, programs, prizes and request for proposals for the creation of mobile and computer applications.

The APP Act will also create an platform where Americans are able to rate and comment on the different federal government apps, and retire old or obsolete ones. Lastly, the APP Act will feature successful educational programs and non-profit resources that provide computer science education for the next generation of programmers.

“This week is Computer Science Education Week - a week designated to inspire our nation’s students to become interested and involved in computer science,” said Emmer. “We are in the midst of a digital revolution and it is imperative we keep up with the changing times to ensure and improve our future success, and the APP Act does just that. In order for the United States to remain competitive, we must encourage innovation and highlight the importance that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills will have on our future.”

“As the global economy becomes increasingly connected, Congress needs to ease the way as much as possible for tech development,” said DeFazio. “The APP Act will help connect students with resources to improve their coding skills and work towards gaining high-paying jobs in the tech sector, as well as offer a comprehensive platform for developers to find funding and resources for building apps. As the app community continues to grow and thrive, it is essential the government helps ensure that developers have the tools they need to stay competitive.”

This legislation is supported by The App Association: “The App Association supports The APP Act, and measures like it, which would make computer science education a national priority,” said Jonathan Godfrey, VP for Public Policy and Public Affairs at The App Association. “The integration of software is helping companies become more efficient and productive. This has led to incredible opportunities for people with programming skills and is driving job creation across all industries. We are thrilled that Reps. Emmer and DeFazio are working to ensure their constituents can acquire the skills needed to help local companies grow.”

The Advancing and Promoting Programming Act is H.R. 6466. Click here to read the full text.