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Washington, D.C. — Today, Congressman Tom Emmer sent a letter to the new University of Minnesota President Rebecca Cunningham seeking clarity on her plans to protect Jewish students in the upcoming academic year.

"Last school year, Jewish students at the University of Minnesota faced harassment and intimidation as the campus was taken over by radical, pro-Hamas activists. The University of Minnesota is now on record endorsing a concept that has been used to justify terrorism and the antisemitic view that Israel should not exist; this is unacceptable and needs to be addressed,” Congressman Emmer said.

“We look forward to hearing from President Cunningham on her plans to ensure the University of Minnesota is a safe and welcoming environment for Jewish students,” Congressman Emmer concluded.


Following a troubling school year marked by harassment and intimidation from pro-Hamas activists, Congressman Emmer demands President Cunningham outlines her plans to ensure the safety of Jewish students. 

The letter goes on to ask President Cunningham to rectify and address the University’s endorsement of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s “Thawabit,” which advocates for the destruction of the State of Israel. 

This letter follows an inquiry Congressman Emmer sent to interim University President Jeff Ettinger in April asking for his plan to keep Jewish students safe following the pro-terrorist, antisemitic protests that unfolded on campus. You can read more about the April letter, here. You can view interim President Ettinger's response to Emmer's April letter, here

You can read Congressman Emmer’s letter in its entirety, here.