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WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) joined Fox News Channel's Fox @ Night to discuss mining in Minnesota and the need to reverse the last minute actions by the Obama administration to stop exploration of some of the most valuable precious metal deposits in the world. 

Congressman Emmer said [in part]:

What happened under the Obama Administration, the day President Obama was leaving they tried to kill two potential leases for mining opportunities in Northern Minnesota. They started a study to withdraw 234,000 acres from any future exploration or potential development. This would be huge in Minnesota because you are talking 5,000 potential mining jobs, not to mention the 12,000 construction jobs that you would have if someone actually proposed a mine on one of these two leases.

Now, thanks to President Trump and his administration, the Department of the Interior has announced they are renewing the two leases that President Obama tried to kill. We still have the study that is ongoing with the Forest Service that the President needs to end. That study has been going on for 17 months. It needs to be done so that they can get to the business of exploring whether or not the great people of Minnesota can mine the largest copper nickel deposit in the world.

What the President has done with his administration is revitalize the opportunity for mining in Northern Minnesota. Now, we have to follow through. They have to end the study, get the leases finalized, and grow not only wealth but protect our precious minerals. If we have to go get them somewhere else, this is a national security threat. The President has done amazing things so far, they just have to close the loop on this. We have to make sure not only are the leases renewed but the study is ended so we can get on with the business of exploration and hopefully someday, development.