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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) released the following statement in support of President Trump’s commitment to reforming the United States tax code:

“Today, President Trump and his Administration took steps to reform our nation’s out-of-control, archaic and burdensome tax system. Not only does President Trump’s proposal aim to simplify the tax code by cutting the overall number of tax brackets in half, but it also reduces the burden placed on our nation’s job creators. I share the President’s commitment to reducing the individual as well as the corporate tax rate to ensure we keep revenue, tax dollars and jobs right here in the United States. Families and businesses alike have been struggling due to our 70,000+ page tax code, but under the Administration’s and House GOP’s proposals, businesses will be able to focus less on compliance and more on growing and expanding, while families will see more of their hard-earned income returned to them each year.

I am encouraged by the Trump Administration’s plan and continued progress Congress is making to reform our tax code, and look forward to collaborating with House Leadership and the Trump Administration with proposals of my own, like the CREATE Jobs Act (H.R. 533). We have a historic opportunity to reform our tax code in ways that will benefit future generations of Americans and provide much needed relief for middle-class families and businesses across this country.”