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Washington D.C.Today, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) and Congressman Peter DeFazio (OR-04) reintroduced the Advancing and Promoting Programming (APP) Act. This introduction is in conjunction with the launch of the Congressional App Challenge, which kicked off today and both members are participating in.

The APP Act will help American innovators more easily access the tools and resources necessary to create applications for mobile devices - otherwise known as apps. The App Act does so by creating a comprehensive website to provide individuals and small businesses with the information they need to find existing federal funding for the creation of apps as well as information on how to apply for that funding.

Additionally, the App Act will help to update the current list of federal government apps by creating an app store where American consumers can rate and comment on the different government apps. This store will ensure the public is able to provide feedback, and obsolete apps are retired. Additionally, the App Act will provide government, non-profits, and businesses the resources to educate and train the next generation of programmers.

“Our nation relies on technology now more than ever, so we must give American workers in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields the tools and skills to maintain a competitive edge and bring our country fully into the 21st century,” said Emmer. “This is something I have been committed to since taking office, which is not only demonstrated through my work on the App Act, but also with my office’s participation in the Congressional App Challenge, a competition that encourages students to develop their own app.”

“Mobile technology reaches every corner of the world and impacts our economies, governments, and more,” said DeFazio. “As technology expands, so must our capacity to innovate and keep pace with the latest developments. The App Act will streamline federal resources and help the next generation of developers stay competitive in the global market.”

Click here to watch Emmer & DeFazio's APP Act video

“ACT | The App Association is heartened by the introduction of the Advancing and Promoting Programming (APP) Act, which would provide vital resources to our country’s tech companies and developers,” said App Association President Morgan Reed. “In addition to providing students with valuable resources for computer science education, this Act would make federal funding opportunities more easily available to the tech innovators driving job growth and adding value in virtually every sector of our country’s economy. Faced with a staggering skills gap that has left roughly 500,000 computing jobs unfilled, we are hopeful the APP Act will provide the resources to support the development of the bright minds fueling innovations in telemedicine, machine learning, the internet of things, and beyond. We applaud Representatives Tom Emmer and Pete DeFazio for their work to ensure their constituents, our members, and app developers across the country can acquire the skills needed to help local companies thrive.”

The Advancing and Promoting Programming (APP) Act is H.R. 3428. Click here to read the full text.

To learn about the Congressional App Challenge, click here.