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Washington, D.C. – Representative Tom Emmer (MN-06) issued the following statement following his vote on H.R. 6800:

"Congress, like the American people, need to get back to work. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi asked Congress to return to Washington to vote on a partisan wish list that is a far from a serious attempt to work across the aisle and actually support Americans at this critical time. This 1,800 page laundry list of political talking points that adds another $3 trillion dollars to our debt is not a responsible path forward for our country. The American people have had to sacrifice during this difficult time, and their government should too.

What is even more concerning are the procedural changes being made for Members to abdicate their voting responsibilities to Nancy Pelosi. This is concerning not only for Americans whose elected officials refuse to represent them, but for our democracy.  If our nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks, truck drivers, and mail carriers are working hard for their fellow Americans, we can too. 

I hope that going forward, Speaker Pelosi will work with Republicans in the House, the Senate, and the Administration to find additional non-partisan solutions to combat the virus and reopen our economy."