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Washington, D.C. – Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN), Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR), Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA), and Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL) recently co-led a letter with over 100 colleagues to President Trump requesting that COVID-19 related relief for our producers is effective and as immediate as possible as USDA begins the rule-making process. 

Specifically, the letter highlights concerns that there will be a severe gap between producers’ losses and USDA’s aid. Further, the letter implores USDA to include all producers and to take care to not limit payments simply on the basis of income, risk management practices, or past USDA payments. Further, the letter notes Congress’ $14 billion replenishment of the Credit Commodity Corporation and requests USDA include the funds in the relief package.

“I am proud to join my colleagues in this effort to maximize the impact of these vital programs. As farmers, ranchers, and producers work hard to keep our shelves stocked, we must do everything we can to ensure they have the support they need,” said Emmer. “I am grateful to the Trump Administration for their actions to aid our nation’s agriculture community. These additional steps will help serve the needs of our farmers and ranchers who feed, fuel, and clothe the world. It is critical that these programs are effective for our agriculture community, who contribute to the safety and security of all Americans.”

“Americans are facing unprecedented uncertainty it’s vital that we protect our food supply and those who produce it. Our nation’s agricultural producers are fighting new challenges every day due to the current pandemic and obtaining assistance shouldn’t be added to their plate. The COVID-19 relief fund must be easily accessible and immediately available for our farmers and ranchers to make certain that empty grocery aisles are a temporary problem,“ said Crawford. “USDA aid is crucial to bolstering our supply chain and limits will further exacerbate the anxiety Americans are feeling.”

"Food security is national security, which is why it is vital that our nation's farmers have the resources they need to maintain operations during this public health emergency. We must also keep in mind that 80% of domestic agricultural production comes from 10% of the farms, and they have faced devastating market collapses and labor shortages due to COVID-19," said Scott. "I'm thankful for the steps President Trump and Secretary Perdue have taken to support our farmers and maintain the food supply chain, however, the current payment limits put these farms that produce the majority of our food security at risk of collapse, and they must be increased significantly or eliminated altogether."

“Protecting our nation’s food supply is critical during this pandemic to ensure food is available now and in the future,” said Davis. “USDA aid is essential to this goal. I appreciate Secretary Perdue’s leadership and I’m hopeful that together we can help our farmers and in turn, our country through this.”

Read the letter here