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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) released the following statement regarding Senator Franken’s refusal to support the nomination of Justice David Stras to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals:

“The United States is a nation of laws, and to maintain respect for the rule of law it is imperative we have individuals like Justice David Stras to uphold and defend our laws in courts around the country. A current member of the Minnesota Supreme Court, Stras is widely recognized as the most qualified person for this position, and is well regarded on both sides of the aisle. He boasts the highest rating from the American Bar Association, and has even sided with more liberal judges when it meant upholding the Constitution.

“Justice Stras is one of the nation’s premier legal minds in the areas of federal courts, constitutional law, and, in his own words, the ‘proper, limited role of the judiciary.’ It is because of these traits, that Stras’ nomination to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals garnered immense support from both sides of the aisle. Among those backing Stras were more than 100 Minnesota attorneys, a dozen members of Congress, and fellow Minnesota Supreme Court justices.

“Unfortunately, Senator Franken simply could not move past political partisanship to do what is best for the people served by the Eighth Circuit Court. Instead, through his refusal to advance Justice Stras’ nomination, Senator Franken has chosen to be a roadblock in this procedural process, effectively denying the proper administration of justice. Seating Justice Stras was the first of many positions the administration will need to fill in order to restore our court systems to their proper functioning role. I am disheartened that Senator Franken has chosen to obstruct this lengthy process so early, and deeply concerned that the seat could now go to someone less qualified and from outside of Minnesota. I call on Senator Franken to reconsider his obstruction of the full consideration of Justice Stras.”

Emmer applauded President Trump’s nomination of Justice David Stras in May. Click here to read the release.