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Washington, D.C. -- Following the second vote today on funding the Department of Homeland Security, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) released the following statement:

“The number one role of the Federal Government is to protect our citizens. I am disappointed that many of my colleagues chose to put the security of Americans at stake and waste time by playing politics.

“The President’s unilateral executive action on immigration created a constitutional crisis. That deserves our attention and a serious fight, but the strategy surrounding Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding was inherently flawed. Last year, the Cromnibus bill—which I would not have voted for—punted the ball to where we stood today. Once again, we only have a short-term solution.

“Congress has a solemn responsibility. As a body, we should never hold America’s safety hostage simply for political gamesmanship. I am grateful that the states stood up against the President’s unconstitutional actions and that a federal judge suppressed the executive order, but forcing Members of Congress to choose between battling the President’s unlawful action and protecting our country is wrong. No matter how important, no issue can trump the safety of the American people. 

“With the recent terror threats to the Mall of America hitting so close to home and the potential need for natural disaster relief in Minnesota during the winter months, it is imperative we approve the funding DHS needs and stop playing political games.”