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Otsego, MN - Today, following the announcement from the Department of Interior that the Gray Wolf will be delisted as a result of a full recovery of the species, Congressman Emmer issued the following statement: 

"Gray wolves are clearly no longer endangered, yet they continue to pose a significant dangerous threat to our farmers, ranchers, and agriculture community. Minnesota is home to 16,000 beef and cattle producers that generate $4.9 billion dollars of economic activity, but Minnesota is also home to the largest population of gray wolves in the contiguous United States that threaten that livestock.” said Emmer.

Emmer concluded, “Currently, Minnesota farmers and ranchers are unable to protect their livestock and property. This is the solution we have long needed, and I am incredibly grateful to the Administration for their move to delist the Gray Wolf and return conservation efforts back to local control. Minnesotans have demonstrated that we can effectively steward our land and its wildlife, while protecting livestock and the livelihoods of the agriculture community." 

"Minnesota Farm Bureau is excited to see the final rule delisting the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act. Thank you to Representative Emmer for his commitment to following sound science and giving farmers and ranchers the ability to protect their livestock and their livelihoods. In a true success story, the Endangered Species Act has successfully stabilized the gray-wolf population in Minnesota. It is time to return the management of this species to the state,” said Minnesota Farm Bureau President Kevin Paap.

"The Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association is excited for the announcement of the delisting of the Gray Wolf. Under the management of the Department of Natural Resources and continued support from Congressman Emmer, the Gray Wolf has successfully exceeded recovery population numbers. The management of the Gray Wolf is now in the hands of state officials who can best manage the population to benefit beef and livestock producers, as well as Gray Wolf habitat in our state. Thank you, Representative Emmer, for listening to our members’ needs and leading this effort.” said Executive Director of Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association Allison VanDerWal.

Congressman Emmer has long supported efforts to delist the Gray Wolf from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife in the lower 48 states as a result of a full recovery of the species. He supported a proposed rule to delist the Gray Wolf by the Trump Administration in 2019.    

In 2017, after the Gray Wolf population had increased by 25% in Minnesota, Congressman Emmer advocated for additional funding for the Minnesota Wildlife Services program, which conducted the state’s operational wolf depredation assistance. The Wildlife Services depredation program provides trapping services, on-site investigations, and other operational assistance for residents that are having problems with predatory wolves. Additional funding was needed due to the depletion of funds resulting from an uptick of requests for their services. 

Rep. Emmer’s work to support the delisting of the Gray Wolf: 

  • In March of 2020, Congressman Emmer wrote to leadership of the House Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies requesting that no language be included to hinder the Administration’s efforts to delist the Gray Wolf. 
  • In March of 2018, Congressman Emmer requested that appropriations language be included to address the Gray Wolf in the Great Lakes Region.
  • In April of 2017, Congressman Emmer urged leadership of the House Appropriations Committee to include funding to encourage local management of the Gray Wolf.