Community Project Funding: Hennepin County

Vinland Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center: $500,000

image of alcohol treatment center


This project includes several major structural repairs to the Vinland Center, an inpatient treatment facility for chemical dependency and cognitive disabilities, located in Hennepin County. Vinland is the only provider in Minnesota that specializes in treating individuals with substance use disorder and brain injuries, serious and persistent mental illness, learning disabilities and other cognitive deficits. These repairs would include new roof shingles over client rooms, as well as replacing siding and windows. The project would also implement drainage in the driveway and prevent erosion of the facility’s walking trails. 



  • Vinland has continued to operate throughout the pandemic, but at a reduced capacity due to pandemic related restrictions, handicapping their ability to move forward with needed capital improvements.
  • Minnesotans from around the state who are struggling with mental health and substance use disorder have benefitted from the services provided by the Vinland Center.
  • For more than 30 years, Vinland has provided mental health services and treatment for drug and alcohol addiction to hundreds of Minnesotans.




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3675 Ihduhapi Trail Rd

Vinland National Center

Loretto, MN, 55357