Independence Day

July 4, 2020

In the early days of July 1776, the Continental Congress voted in favor of independence, and two days later, on July 4th, the Declaration of Independence was signed. The birth of American independence was the result of a small rebellion that spawned the United States of America we call home today. 13 colonies have now morphed into 50 states, a federal district and 14 territories, an unimaginable result when the Declaration was signed in 1776…

That one action can be credited for a country unlike any other, one where revolution brings about real change and a collection of disparate states become one united nation of individuals from every corner of the earth. 

We are a nation that encourages technological advancement, thrives on the success of the little guy, and allows for the freedom of speech and worship, all the while showing the rest of the world what a group of informed citizens can come together and build.

Independence Day is a celebration that most Americans revel in, and I, like many people spend the day with my family, usually participating in the festivities of the Delano Parade – one of Minnesota’s largest Fourth of July gatherings.

But, while Coronavirus has left this year looking a little different, the true meaning of Independence Day is worth dwelling on. It is unlike any of our other national holidays.

For me, and especially with all the recent events our nation has experienced, America is a collection of ideas and values that set us apart from the rest of the world. We are committed to this experiment and we’ve decided as a society to fight for the freedoms we know to be rightfully endowed upon us from God. While we may sometimes fail, our values keep us consistent and resilient.

During these trying times, I want to remind every American that only together can we move forward. Our nation has seen turmoil and strife, it has been at war with itself, and survived – and we will survive this too. When we all come to the table to solve the problems we face together. I will continue to do my part to listen, learn, and participate in a brighter tomorrow of these United States of America. 

I wish you all a happy Independence Day and pray you have a safe weekend celebrating!