This week was Small Business Week, a time when we applaud the men and women who embody the entrepreneurial spirit that makes this country great.

The 6th District is home to many great small businesses, and I’m lucky to have met many of our business owners. They share a common drive to create and build and to add to the community around them. They are an inspiration to us all.  

After my great-grandfather moved to Minnesota, he started a lumber business. Several generations of Emmers have been involved in the family business over the years. Growing up around the lumber business and eventually starting my own business, I grew to appreciate the amount of work, sacrifice, and passion that goes into starting and growing a new business.

Small business owners know what it’s like to give everybody a paycheck except yourself.

Small business owners know what it’s like on a Friday afternoon, while all your employees are excited about the weekend, to be sitting at your desk thinking “great, two more working days until Monday!”

It’s difficult to run a company, and doubly so when you know your employers and their families are also counting on you.

But it’s worth it. And it’s rewarding to see your hard work pay off.

Throughout the year, and this week in particular, we tip our hats to you, small business owners. Thank you for following your passion and for all you do for the state of Minnesota.

Happy Small Business Week!