Home to more than 67,400 farms, agriculture has been a Minnesota way of life for generations. Our farmers, producers and ranchers work hard to keep our shelves stocked with food and other essentials, but they need our support. Challenges like workforce development and high input costs have put stress on Minnesota’s farmers and threatened the industry’s future. This is why in Congress, we:

  • Hosted roundtables across the Sixth Congressional District soliciting the feedback of Minnesota’s farmers and producers ahead of the 2023 farm bill;
  • Prioritized funding for mental health resources in rural and agricultural communities.
  • Introduced the ASPIRE Act to establish hands-on training and apprenticeship programs to prepare the next generation of our ag workforce;
  • Anticipated the encroachment of Chinese ownership of American farmland and led a call for the USDA to demand accountability from foreign adversaries seeking US agricultural land purchases;
  • Urged the Biden administration’s action on the high fertilizer prices which burdened Minnesota Farmers.