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Victoria, M.N. –  This week, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) met with Deb McMillan, Mayor of Victoria, Minnesota about the importance of State Highway 5 and overall funding for transportation in smaller communities. 

“Local infrastructure allows communities across Minnesota to thrive, and deserves our attention and investment,” said Emmer. “Thank you to Mayor McMillan for her continued leadership in Victoria, and for sitting down with us today.”  

Mayor McMillan was elected Mayor of Victoria in 2020. 

“Victoria’s population has grown 284% over the last 50 years. In that time period, the capacity of Minnesota State Highway 5 through Victoria has remained the same. To keep this corridor safe for all who live, work, and play in the southwest metro area, a $148 million regional investment is needed. This is an expensive regional project. For a City that has an annual budget of $7 million for all city services, we're looking to our State and Federal partners for assistance. We are extremely thankful for Congressman Emmer’s support for our region of the state and we look forward to continuing this partnership on the State Highway 5 project,” said Mayor McMillan.

The city of Victoria was incorporated as part of Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District in 2023.