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Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) introduced the Government Shutdown Prevention Act, a House companion to Senate legislation developed by Senator Rand Paul, to improve Congress’s broken budget process.

This legislation would avert a government shutdown in the event Congress cannot reach a spending agreement before the end of the fiscal year. It will also automatically reduce federal spending by one percent across-the-board, and then by another one percent every 90 days Congress fails to reach an agreement.

“Our nation is nearly $30 trillion in debt. Unless we act quickly, this liability will continue to grow and will place an enormous burden on our children and grandchildren, who face a future of higher taxes and more inflation as a result,” said Emmer.

Emmer continued, “Despite the daunting fiscal forecast, the current congressional budget process is beyond broken. Far too frequently, Congress fails to complete the process of funding the government as the fiscal deadline looms, often forcing Members of Congress into accepting one of two options: either throw up their hands and allow status quo spending levels to remain in place – without any reforms – or they allow the government to shut down.”

“Periodic shutdowns are often labeled as a tough-but-effective negotiating strategy for reining in government spending and advancing other important reforms. But that’s not what history shows. Instead, after days or weeks of punishing the American people, government shutdowns inevitably end with a backroom deal negotiated by exhausted parties that does nothing to curtail runaway spending or address our nation’s long-term challenges. The American people deserve a much better budget process; my legislation will start to place our nation on a responsible path,” Emmer concluded.

“Congress’s inability to abide by their fiscal deadlines is as irresponsible as it is absurd. Rep. Tom Emmer’s Government Shutdown Prevention Act is a commonsense solution to protect American taxpayers and put an end to costly government shutdowns,” said Adam Brandon, President of FreedomWorks.

Read the text of the bill here.