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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Tom Emmer (MN-06) signed a bipartisan letter to Secretary Xavier Becerra at the Department of Health and Human Services urging him to ensure Medicare Advantage continues to offer high-quality, affordable care for seniors.

Medicare Advantage provides coverage to 42 percent of all Medicare beneficiaries, totaling over 26 million seniors. Over 50 percent of seniors in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District have elected to enroll in Medicare Advantage. 

“It is vital that Medicare Advantage remains strong and receives bipartisan support. Medicare Advantage enrollees benefit from a targeted approach that diagnoses and treats chronic conditions early to minimize disease progression. These plans lead to less hospitalizations and proper coordinated care,” said Emmer.

“Medicare Advantage plans keep our seniors healthy and offer them affordable health care when they need it most. I look forward to partnering with my colleagues in Congress and at the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure this Medicare program continues offering high-quality, affordable care,” Emmer concluded.

Medicare Advantage Plans, oftentimes referred to as “MA Plans or Medicare Part C," are an alternative to traditional Medicare. MA plans are offered by Medicare-approved private companies, which include Medicare “Part A”, “Part B,” and sometimes “Part D.” Medicare Part A refers to hospital insurance, Part B refers to medical insurance, and Part D refers to prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage offers coverage for dental, vision, hearing, transportation to providers, nutrition services, meal delivery, post-acute care coordination services, and other wellness benefits not covered under Medicare Fee-for-Service plans.

Research shows that Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are 20 percent more likely to have an annual preventive care visit. Beneficiaries suffering from diabetes also see a 52 percent lower complication-rate compared to those enrolled in Medicare Fee-for-Service plans. Additionally, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries spend less time in the hospital and those suffering from chronic conditions experienced 23 percent fewer inpatient hospital stays and 33 percent fewer emergency room visits.

Read the letter to Secretary Becerra here.