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Washington, D.C. - Representative Tom Emmer (MN-06) issued the following statement regarding passage of Coronavirus aid and government funding:

“Today, Congress finally came together to pass needed coronavirus relief for Americans. Just two months ago, Speaker Pelosi was offered a proposal twice the size of today’s relief package but turned it down. I am pleased she has finally decided to come to the table and find agreement on behalf of the American people.

“Today's vote provides $28 billion for vaccines and distribution and sends hundreds of billions more to reenergize the Paycheck Protection Program, helping employers and employees struggling to stay afloat under COVID-19 restrictions. This legislation supports our childcare providers to help parents eager to return to work and provides $85 billion in funding for schools and universities so they can safely reopen for in-person learning. It also fully funds programs designed to ensure mental health care access for farmers and rural communities and supports our Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics who care for the mental health needs of the most underserved among us.

Despite the many positive provisions in this legislation, it should not require lightning to strike twice for Republicans and Democrats to agree on the scope and nature of pandemic assistance for the American people. To that end, today’s vote combined needed relief with an unsustainable level of federal government funding – further increasing our country’s growing national debt. Congress must end the all too routine pattern of brinkmanship and find methods to pay for emergency funding without saddling our children with our unfunded promises. By working together, we can overcome this crisis and correct the fiscal course of our nation.”