Community Funding Project: Trunk Highway 25

Funding Requested: $5,785,000

Value to the Taxpayer:

The project provides many benefits to taxpayers within the region, including environmental, economic, sustainability, safety, mobility, and quality of life.  Water quality of Buffalo Lake will be improved by eliminating accidental sewage discharges into Buffalo Lake, significantly reducing impervious surfaces along the lake, and adding storm water treatment units.  Improving the connections between downtown Buffalo and Buffalo Lake and investing in public space will spur additional re-development in the area, which will increase real estate value and increase tax base.  Pedestrian safety will be greatly increased with focused crosswalks with median refuges and decreased traffic speeds.  Turn lanes will reduce accidents and decrease traffic delays.  The overall quality of life will be improved with the additional public open space, connecting Buffalo Lake and the adjacent popular Sturges Park to retail and commercial establishments, high-density residential areas, and senior living, all of which are located within downtown Buffalo. 

Downtown Buffalo is the heart of the community and is pedestrian centric.  Sturges Park is located across TH 25 from the downtown area and is the City of Buffalo’s most utilized park, hosting many regional activities throughout the year.  Though this project is highly beneficial and greatly needed, costs are high and are burdensome to the City of Buffalo.  Federal funding would clear a major hurdle and will ensure the completion and success of this project. 

Project Summary:

The project includes the complete reconstruction of Trunk Highway 25, including watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, sidewalks, trails, streetlights, curb and gutter, and street surfacing.  A wide sidewalk and bike lanes will be constructed along the corridor to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians.  The roadway alignment will be modified to improve safety, reduce impervious surface, increase public open space along the lake, enhance the Buffalo downtown destination experience, add real estate value, and improve direct connections between downtown Buffalo and the lake. 


  • The project improves safety and mobility along TH 25, enhances the experience of the downtown and lake area by adding public open space, improves water quality of Buffalo Lake, and completes a long-term vision for the City of Buffalo by making a stronger connection between the Downtown and Buffalo Lake. 
  • This project is anticipated to spur additional redevelopment of the downtown area and increase economic vitality and sustainability of the Buffalo downtown area.
  • The project will improve both pedestrian and vehicle safety and reduce impervious surface.
  • Utilities will be upsized to allow additional economic development within the City of Buffalo. 

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City of Buffalo

212 Central Ave.

Buffalo, MN 55313