Community Project Funding: Ryans Way

Funding Requested: $2,400,000

Value to the Taxpayer:

The project will provide benefit not only to the 17,000 residents of Buffalo but also to the thousands of commuters who travel on Highway 55 through Buffalo each day.  A main focus of the project is to take local trips off of the State and County Highway system and improve safety on the State Highway system.

Project Summary:

The project will complete a gap in the middle of the existing backage road system along Trunk Highway 55 within the City of Buffalo.  Improvements include construction of a roadway with curb and gutter, storm sewer, stormwater management, sanitary sewer, watermain, and sidewalk.  


  • The project will increase accessibility and mobility by providing vehicles and freight with another route in which to access the business along Highway 55. 
  • This project will improve safety by providing alternate routes for traffic rather than the high-crash intersections on Highway 55.
  • The project adds options for pedestrian and bicycle traffic to safely travel on the east side of Highway 55 and move within the many low-, medium-, and high-density residential, commercial, and industrial uses in the area. 
  • Transit operations will also be improved with this added connectivity. Trailblazer, the Wright County transit system, has many stops within these areas.  The backage road system improves efficiency and safety by keeping the buses with local stops off of the trunk highway system. 
  • The project would open access to approximately 11 acres suitable for future development. Prospective businesses on this parcel would support both economic development and job retention within the community.  

Relevant Documents:


Request Address:

City of Buffalo

212 Central Ave.

Buffalo, MN 55313