Community Project Funding: Wright County

Otsego Sewer and Water Improvements: $15 million


The project is focused on an integrated expansion of capacity and enhancement of treatment capability to meet stringent regulations to protect Minnesota’s waterways and the Mississippi watershed. Major project components include expansion of the influent lift station, expansion and upgrade of the pretreatment processes (screening and grit removal), a new membrane bioreactor system, a new effluent aeration system, expansion of the effluent disinfection system, administration building, and related electrical/controls/civil-site/mechanical improvements. The goals of this project include enhancing environmental protection for the Upper Mississippi River for recreation and drinking water supply, supporting local construction jobs, and expanding infrastructure to fuel Minnesota’s third fastest-growing community.


  • Otsego is a relatively new City (incorporated in 1990), and its wastewater treatment infrastructure was funded locally and did not receive the support of Construction Grants federal funding because the program received its final appropriation in 1990.
  • The city’s population has grown to approximately 14,100 people, up from 6,000 when Otsego’s infrastructure was built.



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Otsego City Hall

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