Community Project Funding: Wright County

Annandale 24 and Hemlock Intersection: $2.2 million


map of Wright County Annandale 24 and Hemlock intersection


This project includes building two roundabout exits from Highway 24 in Annandale. The first exit would correct the current safety and congestion problem caused by traffic from Annandale Elementary School. The second exit would provide access to Highway 24 for the future development of the Annandale Care Center Assisted Living Facility. The project will improve a deteriorating road surface from Highway 24 to County Road 6. This project was ordered by the Annandale City Council.



  • Since Annandale Elementary School was built seven years ago, school traffic has caused consistent congestion issues at the left turn.
  • The new Annandale Care Center Assisted Living Facility will contain 40 units, and require highway access for residents, visitors, and staff.
  • County Road 6 is the main collector for not only the school and care center traffic, but also a 245-unit mobile home park.


  • City of Annandale: Shelly Jonas, Mayor
  • Corinna Township: Mary Barkley Brown, Township Clerk
  • Annandale Health and Community Services: Deb Reitmeier, President/Administrator
  • Annandale Public Schools: Tim Prom, Superintendent
  • Annandale Area Chamber of Commerce: Jeremy Wheeler, Chamber President.

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Annandale City Hall

30 Cedar Street East, P.0. Box K 

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