The world that we inhabit today is constantly changing and improving as a result of technology, which has flourished under limited, light-touch regulation. Technological advances are frequently thanks to American innovation, ingenuity, and our pioneering spirit. Our nation’s inventors should have strong laws that protect their rights to their own ideas.

Increased regulation and bureaucracy will lead to higher costs and fewer choices. Congress should not impose new burdens on innovation, but instead, allow this competitive sector of our economy to flourish and create new jobs.

Here is some of my recent work to work to encourage connectivity and innovation:

  • Broadband has become an essential part of America’s infrastructure. The United States can only succeed in a rapidly evolving world if every American has access to high-speed, affordable broadband. That is why I have frequently advocated for support programs that deliver additional funding for unserved communities. I am pleased to see Minnesota leading the way with its own dedicated fund to expand broadband, and I will continue to ensure federal funding is also available and used in an efficient manner.

  • As Co-Chair of the Congressional Blockchain Caucus, I constantly advocate for increased education and introduce legislation in Congress regarding new technological innovations and our need for light-touch regulations so that development and investment flourish in the United States.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical (STEM) skills are becoming increasingly important, which is why my office participates in the Congressional App Challenge every year. This challenge is designed to encourage students to compete against their classmates and students across the state in creating their own mobile device applications, known as apps. Students who train in these fields will be better equipped to advance their careers in a fast-paced and rapidly changing future.
  • The federal government can do much more to clear away burdensome regulation and increase efficiency where government resources are provided. That’s why I previously introduced the Advancing and Promoting Programming (APP) Act, which would provide a single landing page for computer programmers looking for federal support for their project.