Community Funding Project: Trunk Highway 65 at 109th Ave.

Funding Requested: $7,000,000

Value to the Taxpayer:

As noted in the 2017 Principal Arterial Intersection Conversion Study led by the Metropolitan Council, 9 of the 34 highest priority intersections in the Twin Cities metropolitan area are located along this section of TH 65.  The intersection at TH 65 and 109th Avenue is one of these intersections.  As communities begin to rebound in the wake of the pandemic, an investment on this corridor will reduce traffic crashes, improve mobility for all corridor users, reduce greenhouse gases by significantly reducing traffic congestion and delay, encourage continued economic recovery and development by creating a reliable transportation corridor, and reconnect a community by developing safe multimodal cross-street connections to important recreation, commercial, and retail centers.  Additionally, the region and local communities exhibited strong support throughout each public engagement phase of the recently completed planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study on the TH 65 corridor. 

Project Summary:

The project will replace the existing at-grade signalized intersection at 109th Avenue/Trunk Highway 65 with a grade separated interchange to improve safety, reduce congestion, and improve mobility for all modes of transportation.


  • TH 65 is a vital link for traffic traveling between the Twin Cities urban core and northern suburban and exurban communities as well as regionally significant natural, recreational, and athletic tourist destinations within the city of Blaine and northern Minnesota. 
  • TH 65 is the only continuous north/south corridor of its size and capacity in Anoka County. 
  • Addressing the existing traffic safety, congestion, and reliability issues along this corridor will have a wide-reaching positive effect on the community, environment, and economy.  For example, current crash rates are as high as 8 times the average crash rates experienced along similar corridors. 

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Anoka County

1440 Bunker Lake Blvd. NW

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