Community Funding Project: 15th Street North

Funding Requested: $6,963,000

Value to the Taxpayer:

Constructing this connection will drive additional residential development to the neighborhoods near the northern limits of Sartell, which creates jobs and projects for local developers and contractors.

Beyond the economic benefits to taxpayers, it also improves access, mobility, and safety for not only residents of Sartell, but for regional and statewide users of our community facilities and transportation network.

Project Summary:

This project will be an extension of 15th Street North between Pinecone Road North and 30th Avenue North (otherwise known as Townline Road) to provide a better east-to-west connection.


  • The land surrounding 15th Street North includes multiple neighborhoods: Pinecone Central Park, Pine Ridge Golf Course, Blackberry Ridge Golf Club, Oak Ridge Elementary School, Sartell High School, and Bakers Lake.  
  • Not only has the city identified 15th Street North as a need in its Comprehensive Plan, but the Sartell St. Stephen School District 748 identified the need as well in a 2005 North Transportation Study to provide great access and mobility between locations of student’s homes and school buildings/facilities.
  • A 15th Street North extension will include a separated pedestrian/bike trail. The trail will be an opportunity to facilitate safer routes to school, as well as many community facilities. 
  • Traffic volumes on Pinecone Road North exceed 15,000 and traffic volumes on 19th Avenue South exceed 2500, while 30th Avenue exceeds 4000.  Other major east to west connections, such as 2 ½ St N and 2nd St S, see over 8000 and 17,000, respectively.  All these traffic volumes exceed the recommended daily capacity of vehicles per day and need alleviation from an additional connection.

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Request Address:

City of Sartell

125 Pinecone Road N

Sartell, MN 56377